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Introducing The New Chancellor Tip Sharing Campaign!

Thank you to all of you Chancellors out there for playing Slime IM!
We announced our New Chancellor Tip Sharing Campaign before, and we're happy to announce that Chancellors can now post info that can help new Chancellors out!

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We've gotten a great response from the Slime IM community (Thank you all so much!),
so we'd like to go over a few of those posts.

・If you are stuck, just wait another day! The daily tasks can really help you get that edge you need to progress more, including waiting for a building to finish, getting more resources, and lots of benefits from the next day!
・Do the daily quests. Even if you're a casual player, they don't take a lot of time and the resources are a huge help.
・Never leave stamina, always parallel process money and ability stones when leaving the game for a few hours. Eventually you will go through quite a few and it's always handy to have a stack.
・Be sure to do every event! It will give you a free fully maxed out character, just participate in the event throughout the month. ALSO do the predator battles every day! Getting the perfect workmanship enhancements help so much!
・Do not feed the characters with other non-preferred food items, you lose out on the bonus bond points that you could have gotten with other characters.
・Relax, take your time leveling up and building your town to make everyone stronger.
・Focus on building up your town. It unlocks a lot of stuff.
・Parallel processing is your friend, use it as soon as you can. First use health potions to max out your energy points, then max out parallel processing on ability release quests before going to sleep.
・It's best to use Light and Dark attributes. When characters with these attributes are attacked, they're not treated as weak points.
・Make sure you stock up on food, then when you get a new character, use them all in one sitting to get that character's bond up to level 20 immediately. That'll net you 110 Magicrystals!
・You should starting off by making some 5★ weapons. There's no need to rush yourself and make 6★ weapons.

Well, what do you think?
We hope that these tips will help all you new Chancellors out there (and maybe even some veterans, too).

*Some of the content of this post has been edited from the original entries for clarity.
*Some information may not be applicable to the latest iteration of the game. For the latest info on Slime IM, please see the in-app help section.