That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories


ISEKAI Memories Developers' Diary Vol. 7

Hello! This is Onishi, Producer of ISEKAI Memories.

Let's get right into volume 7!
Thank you to everyone who's been following this diary!

This time I'd like to talk about strategy for the first phase of the game, as well as some of our intentions on the development side.

(1) Get Magicrystals by Increasing the Population of Tempest
→When you build dwellings for characters, the population of your town will grow.
You'll get 100 Magicrystals when you hit certain population milestones, so the bigger your town, the more Magicrystals you'll earn. You can use those Magicrystal rewards to Recruit new allies.

We're adjusting the balance between story quest and nation-building gameplay based on data from the closed beta test.
In order to recreate an authentic Slime Isekai experience, we wanted nation-building to progress as the story does.
As you advance through the main story, you'll unlock new buildings to add to your town. Expanding Tempest, in turn, will offer you power boosts and raw materials you need to progress in the story. We hope that will help immerse you in the Slime Isekai world!

(2) Limit Break to Complete Missions
In ISEKAI Memories, characters from 3★ to 5★ rarity are available to Recruit, but they can all be raised to 6★.
There are lots of characters from the Slime Isekai world, so no matter who your favorites are, you'll be able to raise them to the highest rarity.
The Memory Stones needed to raise a character's rarity can be obtained when you get duplicate characters from the Recruit.
You'll get Memory Stones for Shuna, Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light and Rimuru, the Reincarnated, as pre-registration campaign rewards, so you'll be able to Limit Break them immediately.
You can also earn Magicules and other character training items as Mission Rewards for Limit Breaking characters, so it's an extra useful thing to do!

(3) Raise EP
I'm sure some of you are wondering just what EP is. It stands for Existence Points, which are a measurement of strength used in the original work, although they aren't featured in the anime. I was really set on including EP in the game, and thankfully, I got the go-ahead. In the world of  Slime Isekai, I couldn't imagine using anything but EP as a metric for power.
It's a good tool for gauging the power level of characters and parties.
When you take on a quest, you'll notice a Recommended EP figure. If your party's EP is higher, there's a good chance you can handle that quest.
Generally, a character's EP rises along with their level. When assembling your parties, setting Assist and Standby characters will also raise the party's EP, so if you find yourself struggling with a boss in the early stages of the game, try using Assist and Standby characters. You'll unlock the Standby Character slots once you've hit a population of 800, and Assist Characters unlock at 600, so if you run into a particularly tough boss, I recommend doing some building in Tempest. If you raise Great Sage to Level 6, you'll unlock Parallel Processing, which is an auto-replay function. You can use it to replay quests a chosen number of times without lifting a finger. I hope you'll level up to gain access to that useful feature!

In-game, Great Sage also has plenty of advice to offer on the best ways to
power up, so make sure to take advantage of that wisdom!