That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories


ISEKAI Memories Developers' Diary Vol.2

Hello, everyone! This is Onishi, Producer of ISEKAI Memories.

I'm glad you've decided to join me for the second installment
of the ISEKAI Memories Developers' Diary.

This time around, I'd like to talk about the differences between the Closed Beta Test and the launch versions of the game.

There were a whole host of small changes, so I'll just stick to the main points that the dev team wants you to know. For those who didn't participate in the Beta, don't worry, I'll catch you up.

1. Added an animated Recruit sequence
When you Recruit, you may now see an animated clip by Eight Bit, the studio producing the TenSura anime, which didn't appear in the beta. The still below is your exclusive sneak preview. If you want to see the rest of the clip, you'll have to download the app and Recruit some characters! (It's a high rarity guaranteed Recruit animation...!)

2. Auto-replay feature added
Replay functions were heavily requested in the beta tester feedback, so we've added a feature called Parallel Processing. This feature allows you to automatically repeat a quest you've already cleared a specified number of times. There are some conditions, and it still costs stamina, but it's a very useful feature. When testing the game, I like to use up all my stamina auto-replaying material collection quests before work and before bed.

3. Between-battle conversations
We've added a feature where characters will converse amongst themselves between battles. You'll unlock special conversations by pairing up different combinations of characters, which makes it even more fun to Recruit new allies and switch up your parties!

4. Reduced loading times
We've improved loading times compared to the beta, although speeds will vary depending on users' devices, network connections, and the size of their towns. When you log in, you descend into a town full of 3D models (we want you to feel like you're being reborn into another world!), so unfortunately there will always be some loading time. This issue also showed up in the beta test feedback, so we're focusing our efforts on improving this aspect of the user experience.

Join me next time to hear about the game's original elements. Hope to see you then!