That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories


ISEKAI Memories Developers' Diary Vol. 5

Hello! This is Onishi, Producer of ISEKAI Memories.

Can you believe we're on volume 5 of the Developers' Diary already?
Thank you for coming with me on this journey!

In this volume, I'd like to tell you about the illustrations.

Four main types of illustrations
appear in the game.

(1) The illustration that comes with each playable character

(2) Loading screen illustrations

(3) Event reward illustrations
→ Images will be unveiled when the post-release event begins, so stay tuned for that!

(4) Story illustrations

(1) For characters acquired at 5★ rarity, Limit Breaking them to 6★ will transform their illustrations. Just another reason to work hard and Limit Break your characters! You can play events to save up Event Points and trade them for Demon Lord Series characters, so you can Limit Break them without relying on Recruits. It'll take some time to collect them all, so we hope that'll be a long-term goal you can sink your teeth into.



(2) and (3) are original artwork
depicting daily life in Tempest. We're in love with the slice-of -life pace of The Slime Diaries, and we wanted to bring some of that fluffiness into the game through these illustrations.
(4) are brand new illustrations of scenes in the game's original story arcs. You'll see them as you play through the story.
We recently announced at TOKYO GAME SHOW that some of the game's story would be written by Fuse,
and we have gorgeous illustrations in the works to go with it.
I can't reveal any details just yet. All I can tell you is that TenSura fans will love them! (I think you can expect to see a certain character who arrives in Season 2 causing trouble in our game, too...)